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Types of Countertops – Hollywood, FL

We are experts in countertops. With over 10 years of experience specializing in South Florida weather conditions, we offer all our clients a selection of materials and options that is unlike any other company. We focus primarily on a few types of materials that will satisfy your needs in durability, color and style. Couple that with our knowledge and you’ll be sure that your kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop or outdoor countertop will be exactly what you dreamed it would be and will last longer than you ever expected.

We currently offer four of the most beautiful and durable types of countertops available in the market. Not only are the types of stone or materials excellent, but we source these materials from the world’s more trusted manufacturers of natural and engineered stone. Our goal is always quality and customer satisfaction.

We work with 4 types of countertops: granite, quartz, marble, and porcelain. Each of these materials we would personally install in our own homes. They are sourced from amazing manufacturers and are crafted with precision by our team.

Why these 4 different types of material? We like to focus on function as much as we love form. These 4 types of countertops are incredibly strong, durable and beautiful. They stand strong against stains, heat, scratches, chips. Granted, no surface is immune to damage, however, with minimal maintenance and common sense precautions, like using trivets and cutting boards, these materials are sure to last years after installation.

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Desired Materia

Granite is a bold and gorgeous natural stone

  • ​very strong and durable natural stone
  • requires sealing to repel stains
  • will not nick or scratch
  • edges may chip under pressure

Quartz is a beautiful engineered stone

  • very strong and durable man-made material
  • does not require sealing
  • will not nick or scratch
  • edges may chip under pressure

Porcelain is a durable man-made material

  • very strong man-made surface
  • does not require sealing
  • resistant to scratches, chips and cracks
  • resistant to heat, stains and UV light

​​Marble is a unique and classic natural stone

  • very strong natural stone
  • requires sealing to repel stains
  • will nick and scratch
  • edges will chip

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