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Quartz Countertops – Hollywood Florida

Quartz countertops are another option for a material that is strong, durable and absolutely beautiful. The difference between quartz and granite is that quartz isn’t entirely natural where as granite is a natural stone forged by nature through years of heat and pressure. It also doesn’t have as many natural grains, veins or flecks as granite or marble.

Quartz countertops are made by 93 percent crushed quartz and 7 percent resin with some dyes for coloration and patterns. Those percentages may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they remain more or less within the stated ballpark. The added dyes are essential to ensure the quartz countertop isn’t dull and ugly, for lack of a better word.

Quartz countertop maintenance is even easier than the occasional sealer application needed on some granite surfaces- quartz requires very little upkeep and no sealer. Quartz kitchen countertops are considered solid surface countertops because they’re a beautiful, non-porous surface. This lack of pores is the reason why the upkeep is so easy and no sealer is required.

Several popular brands exists for quartz countertop fabricators such as Avanza, Caeserstone, Cambira and Silestone. These are some of the best manufacturers; the difference between them is usually color and patterns created in these slabs. Again, since this material is considered “engineered stone” (because it’s man-made) the performance of the material will be uniform regardless of the brand, color or pattern you select.

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How to Seal and Clean a Quartz Countertop

​Sealing is probably the first decision anybody with a new quartz countertop has to make. Although logic would imply it’s safer to be sorry, so might as well seal the countertop, in reality, this is NOT the case with quartz countertops which do not need to be sealed. Since this material is engineered and is not porous, it will not absorb liquids and thus is minimally susceptible to stains. In a sense, the resin used to bind the quartz together also acts as the sealant that protects it from heat, stains, chips and scratches.

Cleaning is another benefit to going with quartz, although this process is very similar to granite countertops. A little hot water and a sponge is all that’s recommended to get stains or spills from off the surface of the countertop. Similar to granite, soap is discouraged for everyday use because with time, soap tends to dull the surface, leaving a thin film over the top of the counter.

Mild cleaners can be used as well but stay clear of bleach or harsh chemicals that can potentially leave permanent marks or discoloration on your countertop. As you can imagine, many people have the misconception that because quartz does not require sealing, that the surface will not stain or discolor; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Keep in mind the following best practices. Since quartz is a natural stone, the best recommendation is to use a good stone cleaning product like the ones marketed to marble and granite owners; these will leave your quartz shiny and beautiful! Also, despite being a very tough and durable material, it’s always important to use a cutting board for food prep and trivets for hot pots and pans. This material may be heat and scratch resistant, but, consistent abuse will undoubtedly increase the possibility of permanent damage to the surface.

Quartz Countertop Finishes

Since this material is an engineered, man-made material, there’s a huge selection for consumers to choose from. In addition to a vast variety, we also have to take into consideration the different types of finishes available for quartz countertops- each with its own appeal and character, it’s no wonder this material has become so popular.

Polished Quartz Finish
A very popular choice for quartz countertops is a polished finish. It’s mirror-like appearance is uniform and smooth to the touch. It also enhances the detail and intricacies of the patterns and colors of the material, adding a vibrant depth to the countertop.

This finish adds to the appearance of any room by making it feel more spacious and luxurious. Cleaning is also easier than other finishes; the process this material undergoes during fabrication makes it a huge frontrunner in the race for durability and ease of use. The upkeep is little and the beauty and appeal huge. No wonder it’s such a popular option.

Honed Quartz Finish
This finish leaves the surface of countertops with a “matte” or “satin” appearance that is comparable to honed granite finishes. This type of finish will give your space a beautiful, natural appearance while maintaining its inherent stylish, organic qualities. This option is perfect for classic design and decor while also being extremely attractive for individuals looking for a modern touch.

Cleaning and maintenance are very easy as well but may require a bit more attention and care to other versions of this material.

Concrete Quartz Finish
This finish gives the countertop a distinct look and feel. It’s similar to honed in that it reflects very little light from the surface, but differs in that it has a slightly rough texture. This finish brings a natural and warm feeling to any room while maintaining an industrial vibe to it.

Cleaning is a very easy process as well although much like the honed finish, it will require a bit more attention than the polished option.

Rough Quartz Finish
Lastly, we have the rough finish, which, as you’ve probably already imagined, is “rough” to the touch and differentiates itself from polished and honed options because of it’s texture. Similar to the concrete finish, this finish results in an industrial look and feel that reflects little light but still exudes styles and sophistication.

Honed, concrete and rough finishes should be cleaned weekly with a mild cleaner in order to ensure they maintain their soft luster and durability. Any spills or stains should also be dealt with quickly to avoid any problems.

First things first; it’s important to use the information you find online, such as color, size and pattern as a guide in your shopping process. Since granite is a natural stone forged by the forces of nature and hailing from many different regions of the globe, their color and patterns will vary despite being considered the same “type of stone”. The information you find online should simply be considered a guide.

The same logic applies to the the showroom sample. The perfect sample may be vastly different from the actual slab you’d be purchasing. Always inspect the slabs you intend to buy and buy multiple slabs from the same bundle in order to ensure uniformity. Look through carefully for pits, fissures and any color or pattern anomalies that you don’t like.

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