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Granite Countertops – Hollywood Florida

Granite is a solid, durable and stain resistant material that is absolutely functional and beautiful- it’s no wonder it’s so common and preferred as a material for home countertops. Granite countertops are very strong and difficult to scratch or stain through regular wear-and-tear. It doesn’t show water marks and can withstand the high levels of heat associated with cooking and serving.

Since it’s a natural stone, it comes in tan, gray, brown, off-white, yellow gold, taupe, peach and blue-gray- in reality, you can find up to 2500+ different colors and designs. Engineered materials can be made in a wider variety of colors, but lacks the natural stone qualities your would get from granite. This material is widely used for indoor kitchen countertops, outdoor kitchen countertops, floor tile, fireplaces, bathrooms, and patios.

​This is a low-maintenance option that is sure not to fade or discolor with time despite the use of cleaning chemicals. The only maintenance necessary is the occasional application of sealant necessary to keep the stone lustrous and healthy- this maintenance also helps the stone last longer. ​

These stones are absolutely unique because they’ve taken millions of years to develop their color and pattern. Add heat and pressure from mother nature and you have a truly distinct stone from any other. For these reasons, finding a design that nobody else has is quite easy, especially with the exploration of new regions across the globe.

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Granite is a natural stone that’s a beautiful option for kitchens and bathrooms ​

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How to Seal and Clean a Granite Countertop

​Sealing is probably the first decision anybody with a new granite countertop has to make. Although logic would imply it’s safer to be sorry, so might as well seal the countertop, in reality, this isn’t always the case; some types of granite should never be sealed.

A good example of slabs that don’t need a sealant are the extremely dark types with very high density. These types of granite don’t require a sealant at all, however, it’s important to ask your specialist for their opinion before making that determination. Since these are natural stones. their density will vary from slab to slab, making an absorbency test very important to ensure the slab will ultimately not stain.

Granite is a porous surface, which means it can absorb liquid and even get stained, under the right, or should I say, wrong circumstances. Applying a sealer is the best way to ensure your granite is spotless for years to come; the process is actually very simple and similar to painting a wall. A quality sealant recommended by our specialist would combat any risk of your countertop staining or becoming dull.

For a quick clean, simply use a sponge with warm water. If your countertop requires a deeper cleaning, we recommend using a quality granite cleaner which could be purchased online or at a hardware store. If you have any questions about this, please be sure to ask your specialist; he/she will know exactly what the best option is for your countertop.

Granite Countertop Finishes

Nature and time have forged so many combinations of colors and patterns for these stones that choosing can be a daunting task. In addition to a rich variety, we also have to take into consideration the different types of finishes available for granite countertops- each with its own appeal and character, no wonder this type of stone is so popular across the globe and has been for so many years.

Polished Granite Finish

The most popular choice for granite countertops is a polished finish. It’s mirror-like appearance is uniform and smooth to the touch. It also enhances the detail and intricacies of the natural patterns and colors of the stone, adding vibrant depth to the countertop.

A common misconception is that pieces that are installed with a dull finish can later be polished to brilliance. In order to have a mirror-like finish, these pieces of stone undergo an industrial process where heavy machines use intense abrasion and friction to smooth the slab’s surface until achieving a shiny, glossy result. This polishing process also benefits the surface by closing the pores, inherently improving the slab’s stain resistance properties.

Honed Granite Finish

This finish leaves the surface of countertops with a “matte” or “satin” appearance. This type of finish isn’t as popular as the polished finish for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s appearance tends to be a bit flat and far less brilliant than that of a polished piece of stone. Secondly, the process the slab undergoes doesn’t seal the pores the way a polished finish does; this leaves the stone a bit more susceptible to stains.

Cleaning and maintenance are very easy as well. Simply apply warm water with a sponge to eliminate spills and spots. Should you want a look that has a little more pop and shine, you an always apply a color enhancing sealer.

Although less popular, it is incredibly beautiful, especially when complimented with the perfect accents and decor for a more rustic elegance.

Textured Granite Finish

This finish has different variations that are based on the process needed to create them, like leathered, hammered, brushed, antiqued and vintage. One major difference from the previous two is that this finish is not smooth. It does, however, have a huge appeal- the rough surface will add a ton of character to whatever space it’s installed in.

The leathered finish, for example, is the most popular of the bunch. It’s benefits are very similar to that of the polished finish in that the process the stone undergoes results in a stronger, stain-resistant surface whose colors are beautifully saturated with visual depth. One instance where the leathered finish has an advantage over the polished finish is that it hides scratches, fingerprints and water spots.

Cleaning is a very easy process with this finish as well. A sponge with warm water will do wonders for the surface of your countertop.

Granite Tile Countertops

Another possibility is a tile countertop, which can be incredibly beautiful as well as the other finishes. Like everything in life, there are pro’s and con’s to installing this type of surface.

A huge benefit is cost which will usually run anywhere from 50-60% in savings. While costing far less, this type of surface maintains all the benefits of a granite countertop; they’re easy to clean and absolutely beautiful.

The only drawback is that each tile needs to be set with grout lines in between. Grout runs the risk of staining or chipping, although treatments exist to ensure the grout stays in good condition for an extended duration.

Installation is also relatively painless in that a skilled handyman with experience tiling can take on the project and do an absolutely magnificent job. Your kitchen will look gorgeous.

How to shop for a granite countertop

When you work with Hollywood Countertops, you can rest assured your specialist will be able to properly advise on the perfect material, color, cut and brand of your countertop; it’s important that your expectations are always met. However, if you’re shopping around for different options, here are a few things you must know about selecting your countertop when considering granite as the material.

First things first; it’s important to use the information you find online, such as color, size and pattern as a guide in your shopping process. Since granite is a natural stone forged by the forces of nature and hailing from many different regions of the globe, their color and patterns will vary despite being considered the same “type of stone”. The information you find online should simply be considered a guide.

The same logic applies to the the showroom sample. The perfect sample may be vastly different from the actual slab you’d be purchasing. Always inspect the slabs you intend to buy and buy multiple slabs from the same bundle in order to ensure uniformity. Look through carefully for pits, fissures and any color or pattern anomalies that you don’t like.

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