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​Experience and attention to details is what ultimately sets us apart from the competition. Our specialists have spent over 10 years working in the field and installing granite, marble and quartz countertops across all South Florida. From sourcing the perfect, high quality stone, to installation, we have you covered every step of the way. Our goal is the same every time we work with a customer: 100% Satisfaction!

Your first consultation is always FREE: Speak to an actual specialist that works with these granite, quartz and marble countertops and not just a customer service person or salesman. You can ask as many questions as you’d like and really explore the possibilities for your home. Plus, why not dive deeper into what will be the centerpiece to your kitchen, bathroom or space.

Our approach is simple: Personalized Service. From the beginning, you’ll work directly with one of our project leads to select your perfect material, color, size and cut for your countertop. Once you’ve seen samples, talked it over and come to a final decision, we’ll select an installation date and time together and put all the pieces into motion!

Working with us or our partner companies ensures one thing, efficiency and quality. When we set an installation date or a completion timeline, we honor it! We don’t want to spend more time than we have to, working in your space, even if it’s a short period while we replace your countertop(s). This is why we focus on detail, work with high quality materials and leverage our experience to make sure your project is completed quickly.

​There’s no having to worry about timeliness, cleanliness or professionalism because those are the three pillars with which we built this company.

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Top Rated for Customer Satisfaction

The Four Most Popular Types of Countertops Granite, Quartz, Porcelain and Marble

​The three most common and functional types of countertops right now are granite, quartz and marble countertops. All of these materials are strong, durable and absolutely gorgeous in their own way.

Granite is a solid, durable and stain resistant material that is absolutely functional and beautiful- it’s no wonder it’s so common and preferred. Granite kitchen countertops are very strong and difficult to scratch or stain through regular wear-and-tear. It doesn’t show water marks and can withstand the high levels of heat associated with cooking and serving. The only drawback is the limited color choices available. Since it’s a natural stone, it comes in tan, gray, brown, off-white, yellow gold, taupe, peach and blue-gray.

This is a low-maintenance option that is sure not to fade or discolor with time despite the use of cleaning chemicals. The only maintenance necessary for granite countertops is the occasional application of sealant necessary to keep the stone lustrous and healthy- this maintenance also helps the stone last longer.

Quartz is another option for a material that is strong, durable and absolutely beautiful. The difference between quartz and granite is that quartz isn’t entirely natural where as granite is a natural stone. It also doesn’t have as many natural grains, veins or flecks as granite or marble. Quartz countertops are made by 93 percent crushed quartz and 7 percent resin with some dyes for coloration. These dyes are essential to ensure the quartz countertop isn’t dull and ugly.

Maintenance on quartz countertops is even less than the occasional sealant application on granite surfaces- quartz requires very little to zero upkeep. Quartz kitchen countertops are considered solid surface countertops because they’re a beautiful, non-porous surface.

Marble is the most porous of the three materials which makes it way more susceptible to stains and discoloration from acidic liquids and strong chemical cleaners. A high-grade sealant is required to ensure this uniquely sensitive material remains beautiful and vibrant and to avoid staining. Marble countertops make up for their upkeep with their uniqueness and natural beauty.

​No two pieces are ever the same- these slabs of stone have been forming for thousands of years and are as unique as you and me. This material has a pure and natural allure that’s been used by people for hundreds of years. It’s style and beauty are unparalleled.

Porcelain is another material we’re extremely comfortable working with and excited to offer. Although this is not a natural stone, the fabrication processes that exist nowadays with porcelain certainly makes this material a strong contender for best countertop material. Porcelain countertops are stain, heat, UV, scratch and chip resistant. Since this material is man-made, it goes through rigorous conditions to be hardened and sealed to a non-porous, durable and beautiful surface for any home.

Maintenance is relatively easy because if their strong construction and non-porous surface. unlike marble, this material doesn’t require sealing (for the most part) since that’s part of the fabrication process.

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We carefully take your stone to our shop and fabricate it to fit your specific space

Countertop Installation

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So, what are you looking for? Are you remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms? If so, our FREE consultation will be a great place to start. Get the answers you need without leaving any questions or doubts in the air or even having to commit to anything. We know most of you aren’t experts in this field so we take great pride in offering the free advice needed to gain your trust and work with you.

​The quality of the stone we use is always the highest! Much like a great chef, our experience and knowledge would be useless if we weren’t cooking with the absolute best ingredients. This is why the stones we choose, whether natural stone or engineered stone, have to compliment our years of experience, while completely surpassing the expectations of our customers.

Countertops – which is perfect for you?

​One question that always gets asked with almost every customer is whether they should select Natural Stone or Engineered Stone. We like to approach this question from two angles- one is form and the other is function.

When it comes to form, mother nature sure has an allure to her. Despite how clean and well-constructed a piece of engineered stone may be, it’s the porous surface, veining construction and imperfections of natural stone that give them their character, style and beauty. Marble countertops and Granite countertops both sit on mother nature’s pedestal as one of her most impressive works of art. Ultimately, however, technology doesn’t ever stay too far behind. Engineered Stone, like quartz countertops, are absolutely stunning. Through years of research and development, engineers have evolved the process of constructing quartz countertops to where the product is strong, long-lasting and stunning! What’s more, we have the absolute best of Hollywood FL countertops.

Now, when it comes to function, we are going to be brutally honest. Engineered Stone is, without a doubt, the most logical choice. Unlike Natural Stone, these pieces are not porous, therefore, they will not absorb liquids or be stained by acidic drinks and chemical cleaners (both very likely examples of things that could come in contact with the surface of a counter). This is perfect for people who love white countertops. Engineered Stone, like Quartz Countertops, are incredibly strong, durable and beautiful materials to have in your home. ​They function beautifully as kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops.

So, what’s our verdict? Which is the better option? That will always depend on what you want envision in your space. When you see the stone, if it moves you and you can easily visualize yourself loving it in your home, with your family around it, then that’s the right stone for you!

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Expert Installation

There’s nothing better than knowing our installation team has over 10 years of experience​

Who are our customers?

​Many of our customers have some idea of what they want before they reach out. Some have looked at pictures or have done some research online while others have spoken to friends and family for advice. We love clients like this because they challenge us to over-deliver every time. Working together, we make sure to select the right material, exact color and perfect stone. Leading our customers directly to the idea they already have in their minds is something we pride ourselves in doing time and time again.

Some of our other customers know exactly what they want! These people have done their research extensively and in many cases, have already visited some stores and spoken to people. We love how customers like this seem to share our same passion for these beautiful stones. These are by far the toughest to please because they’re not looking for a surprise at the end of this process. Instead, these people are expecting we bring to life the image they already clearly see in their minds. They want us to replicate that image exactly and although it’s a difficult challenge to meet, we work hard to make sure we exceed those very expectations.

Lastly, there are customers who don’t have any idea what they want, how it looks or what material it’s made of- which is perfectly okay, too. These people simply want to leverage the experience of people who have sourced and installed thousands of countertops to make the best possible choice for their home. This is a huge responsibility for us because they’re entrusting us with guiding them to select the perfect centerpiece for their kitchen; whatever we tell them better work and it better work great! We enjoy working with these types of customers because after a few short conversations, we’re able to determine the perfect options for them. From consultation to installation, their experience is to be absolutely amazing!

All are welcome and encouraged to examine what makes them love the material they selected. Countertop installation is the last phase. We consider ourselves the best in granite countertop installation and quartz countertop installation in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale Florida even though we actually serve all of Broward County and South Florida. We’ve even risen to the top in countertop services and countertop repairs in the past few months with our exceptional service and attention to detail.

You would imagine everybody should be interested in Quartz Countertops over the natural stone alternatives, but the truth is everybody has their very own particular taste and will elect the stone and cut that best fits their home, decor, remodeling scheme and/or budget. Our job is simply to offer them guidance and knowledge so our customers can select the best option that fits their taste and needs. Our countertop installation is top-notch and focused on the Hollywood Florida community.

We’re passionate about our work and strive to always inspire our customers to tell their friends, family and neighbors about the work we did. It’s our customers’ support and their word-of-mouth that directly contributes to us spending so little marketing our business.
Our prices are always competitive and affordable to people of all income levels. Your budget is as important to us as it is to you. ​

Our service record speaks for itself- we’ve helped hundreds of people upgrade and update their kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops in Broward for years. The countertop contractors in Hollywood Florida we work with have years of experience and knowledge in both indoor and outdoor countertops. Our commitment to excellence hasn’t changed either. Throughout the years, we’ve managed to focus our attention on honest service and quality work.

​Let Hollywood Countertops make your dream space a reality!

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